2019 Transport Green Paper

A comprehensive review of transportation in Bermuda was last undertaken in 2002 when technology was transforming the industry. Now seventeen years later, electric and hybrid vehicles are the norm, smart phone apps incorporate GPS tracking, and secure self-driving cars are very much on the horizon. On-island transport continues to modernise with options expanding to include minicars and minibuses, and vehicles ‘pre-loaded’ with customer enhancements such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot capability and home-theatre quality sound. In fact, all cars have at least one computer system, something that was scarcely imaginable just 50 years ago.

The Bermuda Government’s decision to conduct a thorough review of transportation was timely and, per the Throne Speech, this Green Paper on the future of transport in Bermuda provides “…various options for modernisation, which also takes into account the needs of the differently-abled.”

In the process of seeking information and opinions on Bermuda’s transport future, 2,402 people responded to this Ministry’s Transport Survey – a record number! We thank the Ministry of Education which surveyed 2,705 middle and senior school students, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority which surveyed 16,305 visitors. The Ministry met with and interviewed an additional 137 key managers representing 76 organisations.

This Green Paper (2.76 MB)

, The Future of Transport in Bermuda, highlights the challenges faced by residents, visitors, students, businesses, the working population and persons who are differently-abled as they travel around the island. It provides context for the issues raised and lays out the public’s thoughts and comments regarding possible solutions. At the end of each chapter, the Paper provides the Government of Bermuda’s perspective and position for consideration.

2019 Transport Green Paper

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