Health and Safety at Work (Pressure Systems) Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work (Pressure Systems) Regulations 1989 places a duty on all users / owners of a pressure system to ensure that any duty to be performed under these regulations by a competent person shall be so performed. A “competent person” is defined as a person who is approved to carry out such duties by the Minister of Health acting after consultation with the Minister charged with responsibility for Works and Engineering and the Council. The Council means the Professional Engineering Registration Council (PERC) established under the Professional Engineering Registration Act 1972.

How to apply

The Minister of Health has approved a new procedure for the approval of “competent” persons under the Act. Any individual / company wishing to carry out duties under the Act must follow this procedure and apply in writing  to the Minister of Health.

All applications are to be sent, in duplicate, in the prescribed format along with all enclosures to:

The Minister of Health

Continental Building

25 Church Street




Mailing Address

PO Box HM380






Procedure for approval as a “

”  is governed by the HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK (PRESSURE SYSTEMS) REGULATIONS 1989. Copies can be obtained from Bermuda Laws Online.