Government of Bermuda - Service Delivery

The Bermuda Government list of services impacted by the recent cyber incident. This list will be updated regularly.

  • Emails for offices requiring critical services have been restored. Additionally, emails for front-facing customer services have been restored.
  • The Government switchboard, 295-5151 phone service is operational and most government phone services have been restored.
  • The Government cashiers on the first floor of the Government Administration building are only accepting cash and cheques at this time. 

Ministry of National Security



Fire and Rescue

  • 911 is still functional. No disruptions in dispatch or fire services at the airport.
  • Radios are operational.
  • No expected delays in response times.


  • All systems, including the internal locking system and duress system still operational. Radios are working. No disruptions to operations at this time


  • The Department is still able to clear goods and will continue focus on clearing perishables first using manual processes for clearance. No significant disruptions anticipated at the moment.
  • Airport: Passengers processing manually.
  • Government is recovering from a network interruption. CAPS is now available. Electronic submission of BCDs through CAPS is being restored in a phased approach.
  • Normal electronic submission of BCDs to resume on 12th October 2023: Subject to the following guidelines, the electronic submission of new BCDs will resume for all Declarants on Thursday 12th October 2023.
  • BCD Query Responses and supporting documents: The submission of all BCD query responses, as well as the submission of all required supporting documentation, will remain as a manual process until further notice.
  • Manual submission of BCDs to cease on 13th October 2023:
    Manual submission of any BCDs will not be allowed after 4:30PM on Friday 13th October 2023.
    For the avoidance of doubt, the previously issued Interim Guidelines on the Reporting of BCD Information (effective 2nd October 2023), remains in effect.
  • Reporting of electronic payments made to Customs:
    Until further notice, reporting of electronic payments should continue to be made to: in accordance with the relevant Interim Guidelines (effective 2nd October 2023).
  • Manual BCDs submitted between 21st September and 13th October 2023:
    • Any BCDs submitted during the network interruption will need to be electronically submitted and processed in CAPS.
    • The Declarants of any manually processed BCDs are not to make any electronic submissions to CAPS in regards to those BCDs until receiving written instruction to do so from Customs.
    • Such Declarants will be contacted directly by Customs in due course with instructions as to when and how they should make electronic submission of their backlog of manual BCDs.
  • Questions: Any customs clearance questions or general enquiries should be sent to:
  • The cashiers at the Post Office are only accepting cash and cheques.
  • Border Control Management system is expected live by later this week.


  • All services other services, except security guard licensing, are being provided.


  • No operational disruptions.
  • Coast guard able to function and are conducting patrols as normal.

Ministry of Economy and Labour




  • Only online payments are being accepted at this time.
  • Visitors seeking travel extensions must attend the airport.
  • All work permit submissions, including those made before September 20th, are still being processed, and while documents cannot be printed, employers will be informed of any decision.
  • All work permit applications must continue to be submitted via DOI's Dropbox on the first floor of the Government Administration Building, Parliament Street, Hamilton.
  • Before submitting work permit applications, please make payments online to the DOI’s HSBC account and include proof of payment in the application. The payment information is available online at
  • Economic Investment Residential Certificate (EIRC) Applications cannot be processed.
  • Emergency Passport (Medical Only) Applications cannot be processed, work continues with internal and external partners to identify a solution. 
  • All inquiries related to the Department of Immigration can be made to:
    • 704-1444 - Dr. Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer
    • 705-1393 - Ms. Marita Grimes, Assistant Chief Immigration Officer
Financial Assistance
  • The Financial Assistance office is open for walk-in clients. There is limited telephone accessibility however the Main line is operational #297-7600.
Labour Relations
  • Labour Relations Officer's ("LRO") have cell phone access. Office phones were operational this afternoon.
Department of Workforce Development
  • The public cannot access to complete applications for government job vacancies. Please note that all current job listings will be extended when access to the system becomes available to the public.
  • Bermuda Job Board is not operational at this time. The Department is able to provide service for walk-in clients as well as those with appointments.
  • In-person classes will continue this week with an amended schedule.
  • All DWD phone services are working. Contact them on 297-7714.
Contact Information

Clients may contact the office using the following numbers:

  • 297-7716 - Office number
  • 707-5437 - LRO
  • 707-0673 - LRO
  • 707-5444 - LRO/Tribunal Administrator
  • 707-1593 - Manager
  • The office is open for walk-ins and queries via phone.
  • Investigations are proceeding.
  • Tribunals are proceeding this week.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Accounts

  • The Ministry of Health Accounts will continue to accept cash and cheque payments for the Sylvia Richardson Care Facility and Lefroy House Care Community customers at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

Health Insurance Department

  • GEHI is unable to issue claim payments to health service providers or claim reimbursements to policyholders at this time. This is a high priority for the Accountant General's Office and an update on payments from the government will be issued in due course. Should you have any specific questions, please contact GEHI at 279-2600.
  • The Health Insurance Department cannot collect premiums or new enrollments. New enrolments for HIP and FutureCare are being accepted. This will require completion of a paper enrolment form at the Health Insurance Department at Sofia House, 48 Church Street.
  • Premium payments can be made via cash or cheque. HID cannot accept online transfers for new enrolments to HIP or FutureCare. A confirmation of coverage letter will be issued for all new enrolments and should be presented to health service providers as necessary.
  • Premium payments for active HIP and FutureCare policies can be made at their office, via cash or cheque. Premium payments can also be made via online banking. For online banking transactions, please ensure that you enter your policy number on the comment line. Please do not place cash payments in the drop box at the Health Insurance Department.
  •  Please do not place cash payments in the drop box at the Health Insurance Department. Requests for personal home care, including assessments, will be facilitated as expeditiously as possible. Completed applications and all supporting documentation can be faxed to 295-9213 or hand delivered to our office at Sofia House, 48 Church Street. Please contact the Health Insurance Department at 295-9210, with any specific questions.
  • Should you have any other questions, please contact the Health Insurance Department at 295-9210.
Temporary phone list for public to access Department of Health services
  • Child Health Clinics, Travel, and Immunizations 332-8906
  • Maternal Health 332-8895
  • Communicable Disease Clinic 332-8881
  • Community Health and Adult Health Clinic, Social Work, Administration 705-5946
  • Oral Health Hamilton Health Centre 707-0292 or 705-8934
  • Oral Health St. Georges Clinic 332-3592
  • Nutrition Services 747-6468
  • Speech Language and Hearing Services 332-8922
  • Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy services 333-7479
  • Environmental Health, Vector Control, Occupational Health and Safety, Port Health, Plumbing Inspections 707-4576 or 705-1352
  • Child Care Regulation Programme 705-7309
  • Health Promotion and Wellness Office 300-6500
  • Sylvia Richardson Care Facility 298-8770
  • Office of the Chief Medical Officer 799-1522
  • Director Department of Health 531-9385
  • Bermuda Nursing and Midwifery Council 707-0117

Bermuda Health Council

Health Fax Numbers for referrals etc.
  • Child Health Clinics, Travel & Immunisations - 292-4420
  • Community Health & DoH Social Worker 292-7627
  • OT PT and SLP referrals 292-7627
  • Hamilton Oral Health Section 296-0041
  • Environmental Health 232-1941
  • Office of the Chief Medical Officer 296-3283
  • Epidemiology and Surveillance 296-3283

Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport



Youth, Sport and Recreation

  • The Youth Sport and Recreation online booking systems are still operating (After school/Island and payments for rentals).  The front desk will issue paper receipts if required.
Department of Culture Temporary Contact Information

Ministry of Home Affairs



Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  • The Department of Energy and Natural Resources cashier services are limited to cash and cheques.
  • For emergency animal control enquiries please use 2950011 to contact the warden on duty. For all other animal related matters please use email

  • For all enquirers for the Plant Protection Lab please use email or phone 7990466.

  • The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) is open to the public. To contact BAMZ, as well as enquires related to marine conservation, terrestrial conservation, marine heritage, biodiversity and department administration please contact 293-2727.

  • For pollution control enquires please use email


  • Given the Department of Planning’s telephones are currently not working. At present, building, electrical and elevator inspections continue. Please contact the following mobile numbers for building inspections:
  • Central parishes: 734-4537
  • Eastern parishes: 337-5524
  • Western parishes: 734-4540
  • Electrical inspections
  • Eastern parishes: 734-4539
  • Western parishes: 734-4538
  • Elevator inspections: 734-4541
  • Certificate of Occupancy requests: 705-4733
  • For enforcement matters (complaints of unauthorized development or planning searches) please contact 704-2590
  • For all other queries, please contact 705-0398.
  • For planning application matters, please attend to the Department office for discussions with technical officers. For all other queries, please contact 705-0398.

Land Valuation

  • Land Valuation can undertake inspections of new buildings only.
  • The public can access the Department’s website: to look at property addresses, Annual Rental Values (ARVs) and historic ARVs.
Registry General
  • The Department is now accepting orders for birth. The provision of death and marriage certificates are by cash and check only.
  • The Department is accepting applications for marriage licenses.
  • Payment is by cash or check only.
The Department of Energy

The Cabinet Office



Post Office

  • The Post Office is delivering letter mail.
  • They are giving some customers their packages, with a promise and sign-off to pay later.
  • MyBermudaPost website is still operational.
  • Cash stamp sales continue.
Office of Project Management and Procurement
  • The Office of Project Management and Procurement can advise that RFQ, RFP and RFIs on the Procurement Notice/Contract Award Government website will be suspended until the Government's email system is operational.
  • No new procurement notices will be published on this site until such time. When that happens, the RFx will update these Requests with new timetables.
  • 1. 2023-003-TB Installation of Two Overhead Refuse Cranes and Associated Equipment 

    2. 2023-001N-MPW Procurement of Thirteen Electric Passenger Vehicles 

    3. 1512022 Sea Water Screening Plant - Band Screen Replacement 

    4. IDT-2023-002 Identify Smart Government Partners to Transform Bermuda. 

    5. 44-02-115-C Swing Bridge Deck Repairs 2023

Ministry of Finance



Account General 

  • Government cashiers on the first floor of the Government Administration building are only accepting cash and cheques at this time.
Operations Section
  • The Ministry of Finance operations section can answer queries and accept documentation from taxpayers such as manual tax filling forms, registration forms, payment receipts for payments on accounts. E-tax payments can be made online by taxpayers.
  • They can accept Stamp Duty forms such as applications for adjudication and Primary Family Homestead certificates. Stamp Duty staff are available to assist with telephone and front desk queries.

Social Insurance

  • The Department of Social Insurance office is open for people to make cash, cheques, and debit/credit card payments. Persons can also make online payments and bank transfers.

Registrar of Companies

  • RoC all registration functions are available online through the RoC web portal. All search functions are normal be they in person searches our through the RoC portal. License applications can also be processed as per normal through the RoC portal.
  • All online payment functions are available.
Payroll and land tax
  • Payroll and land tax can be paid online. Government’s E-1 accounting system is live.

The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors



K. Margaret Carter Centre

  • Day programming services continue without interruption. The public can contact the Administrator's cellphone (705-2866) if needed.
Social Development and Seniors HQ
  • Temporary contact number: 705-5708

Aging and Disability Services

  • ADS are still accepting walk-in clients.
  • Home visits will continue as needed.
  • Emergencies will be managed between ADS, Bermuda Health Council (in relation to Residential Care Homes complaints emergencies), and the Bermuda Police Service, depending on the nature of the reported matter.
  • Temporary Contact Number: 325-2228
The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS)
  • Please call 335-9095 for 24hr reporting of new child abuse referrals.
  • For all administrative matters or generally queries contact 332-0091.
  • The public be advised to contact our Kidsline (278-9111) if they want to report cases of Child Abuse.

The Ministry of Transport



Transport Control Department (TCD)

  • Transport Control Department’s (TCD) services have been fully restored.
  • All systems to provide front office services are 100% operational, and riding and driving tests are being conducted.
  • All 3 testing facilities are open.
  • Vehicles can be inspected for both annual and transfer exams.
  • The Transport Control Department would like to notify taxi owners who have recently renewed their vehicle licenses that their license certificates are ready for pickup at the Information Desk located at our North Street facility.

Marine and Ports

  • Access to the Boats and Mooring's database has been restored.

Public Transportation

  • Public Transportation is operating as normal. At the Central Terminal, the cashiers will complete sales transactions using handwritten receipts
  • DPT Services are all available and customer service and information is available on and 295-3851.
  • Assistance with items lost on a bus or DPT facility is available in person at Central Terminal and at 292 3851

The Ministry of Education




  • Systems are operational as Ministry Headquarters is on the MoED server but has no access to government systems.
  • Department of Education -
  • Schools are on the MoED server and operating as normal except admin staff on the government system.
  • Administration Offices - most staff are on the MoED server and operating as normal.
  • All areas are open for business.
Libraries and Archives
  • Libraries are operating with full service to public.
  • Archives are operating with partial service to public (no research service).
  • Records Centre: There is no electronic service. In person service only.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitution Reform



Court Services

  • Court Services staff are available to see clients and take phone calls on cell phones. Staff will also be doing home visits etc. in the community.


  • All Magistrates’ Court cases are proceeding as normal. The Supreme Court is hearing limited matters, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Cashiers are still up, but are only processing payments manually. Warrants can be processed on a limited basis.
  • If any member of the public has questions about the status of their criminal trial, please reach out to witness care officers on their cell phones and provide as much information as possible. Your call will be returned as soon as practicable.
  • Trials in the Magistrates’ court will proceed.
National Drug Control Treatment Centre
  • The National Drug Control Treatment Centre is functioning as per curriculum.

Legal Aid

  • Legal Aid is dealing with clients who attend the office and continue to assist clients/members of the public with the application process. Counsel are attending court.

Consumer Affairs

  • Consumer Affairs/Rent Control is operating as normal.

The Ministry of Public Works



Public Works HQ

  • Public Works remain operational for all public facing services.

Works and Engineering

  • All public facing services remain operational.

Publics Lands and Buildings

  • All public facing services remain operational.


  • All public facing services remain operational.