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What is Bermuda like, day-to-day?

Learn about the country from top to bottom, with helpful information about the climate and weather, the natural heritage, and the lay of the land, or delve into information about Bermuda’s economy, banking, and social structures .

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  • Family Fort Festival  (Saturdays, 3 June  –  26 August, from 11am-3pm)
  • Organizational Chart of the Government

    The Government of Bermuda's Organizational Chart provides details of the ministries and departments which report to them. (Last updated April 2017)

  • “Government welcomes the Opposition's verbal support for The America’s Cup in the wake of threatening comments from the leader of the Bermuda Industrial Union.

  • The Department of Youth, Sport & Recreation are currently accepting submissions for the 2016 Sports Awards.

  • The Government today presented an ambitious legislative agenda with a strong emphasis on health care, public safety, protecting seniors, school improvements, environmental protection and government reforms for greater transparency and accountability.

  • The Ministry of Public Works, Waste Management Section, is advising the public that it is working until 6pm today to collect waste in the east end. Should your household waste not be collected by 6pm today, please secure it for the duration of the storm.

  • Holders of lobster diving and spearfishing licences are required to submit statistics of their activities.

    You will not be relicensed until your previous statistics are received.

  • The National Hurricane Center provides storm specific forecasts, including track and intensity guidance.

  • Summary

  • The following are the dates of public holidays for 2017 - 2021.  

  • All  residents of Bermuda now enjoy the right to informational privacy, or the right to protect their personal information. Many countries recognize this as an important human right and have developed laws to protect individuals’ personal information.

  • Camping season in Bermuda starts on the first Saturday of May and runs to the third Sunday in September. The Government of Bermuda manages nine public campsites where you can pitch your tent and spend a night—or a few weeks—under the stars.

  • The Natural History Library is a repository for all information related to Bermuda’s biodiversity, ecology, habitats and species. Books, journals, scientific papers, and newspaper stories relevant to Bermuda are published on a daily basis.

  • The Natural History Collection holds the most comprehensive specimen collection of birds, reptiles, fish, insects, plants, corals, worms, shells and fossils found in Bermuda.

  • Bermuda has a wide variety of plant and animal species in need of protection from the pressures of exploitation and development.

  • Nonsuch Island is home to many of Bermuda’s rarest and most endangered plant and animal species and is Bermuda’s single most important nature reserve. 

  • Individuals in Bermuda don’t pay personal income tax. Instead, the Government of Bermuda levies a Payroll Tax.

  • In the event of an emergency, you might be advised to leave a particular area on the island. The Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) makes the decision after consulting with committee members and weather officials.

  • To get married in Bermuda, you must be: