Learn about the ins and outs of bringing things in and out of Bermuda. Read about what items your business can and cannot bring into the country, and find the forms and information you need to import to or export from Bermuda.

Find the specific rules that govern shipping and find up-to-date information on custom tariffs and duties.


The importation of cannabis is prohibited without an import licence - even where prescribed by a physician.  “Cannabis” excludes hemp and means any part of the cannabis plant with more than 1% THC.

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Where an importer applies to Customs for duty relief, duty deferment or duty suspension (bonded warehousing) or has some other specific obligation, Customs may ask for security.

When goods are discharged from CPC 5000 by diversion to home use, a surcharge will be payable in addition to the import duty due.

The surcharge is calculated by multiplying the amount of deemed units for duty (i.e. BCD Field 27c - Value for Tax) by the relevant duty rate.


Importers may apply to Customs to defer duty payment on goods for business purposes.

Import duty is normally payable when goods are—

Travellers must declare cash of $10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) that they are taking between Bermuda and any other country.

Cash includes:

The General Post Office (HM)

City Of Hamilton

56 Church Street 
Hamilton HM 12

Hours of Operation

Bermuda Customs puts into practice a recommendation of the World Customs Organization (WCO) aimed at speeding up the forwarding of relief consignments in the event of disasters.

Eligible persons may apply to import or ex-bond certain goods at a reduced or zero rate of duty using end-use relief.

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U.S. Dollar (USD)


The Foreign Exchange Rates shown below illustrates the amount of Bermuda Dollars required for buying one unit of foreign currency.

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The Foreign Exchange Rates shown below illustrates the amount of Bermuda Dollars required for buying one unit of foreign currency.

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The CAPS system automates the receiving and processing of customs declarations. This includes all imports, exports, and bonded goods processes.

Bermuda is a small island with big biodiversity. The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources looks after all of the island’s plant life—sometimes even yours. See how the Plant Protection Laboratory can diagnose your sick or diseased plants.

The Corporation of Hamilton levies wharfage on goods landed or discharged in the Port of Hamilton. The Corporation of St. George’s levies wharfage on goods landed or discharged in the Port of St. George’s and the L.F. Wade International Airport.

All importers must use the following exchange rates for the conversion of foreign currency into terms of Bermuda dollars when determining the customs value of goods imported during the period indicated.

There are certain goods you are not allowed to bring into Bermuda at all (prohibited goods). Other goods can only be imported legally with the necessary licence or permit (restricted goods).

The Principal Customs Officer (PCO) on duty at the L.F. Wade International Airport will normally impose on-the-spot monetary penalties on anyone who attempts to evade paying import duty.

You can pay customs duty, fees and other charges in person, by post, or electronically.

All animals arriving in Bermuda must be accompanied by the following:

Returning residents and non-residents may be entitled to duty relief on their used personal and household goods under special circumstances.

If you are a returning resident, you will need proof that you have been living overseas for more than one year.

There are five kinds of duty free allowances:

1. Passenger duty free allowances

If you a passenger arriving in Bermuda by air or sea, you are entitled to duty free allowances on your accompanied personal goods.

You must make a customs declaration when you import goods into Bermuda. There are different forms, times and manners of making customs declarations.

After passing through Immigration (passport screening), you should proceed to the baggage retrieval area.

What is classifying?

You will need to decide the correct class or tariff code for your goods according to the 

The Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) is the principal form of entry for imports and exports of goods to and from Bermuda.

You must be the first owner and have owned the vehicle for not more than six months prior to the date of the shipment to Bermuda. Vehicles which have had more than one owner cannot be imported into Bermuda. This includes demonstration models (demos), which are considered used.