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As Bermuda’s economy grows, keep tabs and stay up to date on new programmes to encourage investment and build local businesses.

Find ways that your company can use government services to move to the next level, from energy programmes and support for entrepreneurs, to ecommerce platforms and tax relief.

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  • The Department of Energy is inviting public commentary on their consultation document - The National Fuels Sector Policy for Bermuda

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  • The Department of Energy is inviting public commentary on their consultation document - The National F

  • Payroll Tax Amendments 2017 Example FAQS
  • Here you will find information relating to the 2017/2018 Budget.

    Budget Press Conference Remarks

  • The Government of Bermuda is responsible for the integrity, objectivity and fair presentation of the financial statements of the Consolidated Fund.

  • Transparency OECD Common Reporting Standard is in effect from 2016, with 2017 reporting. OECD Country-by-Country Reporting has been adopted for 2016, with 2017 reporting.
  • On 29 June 29 2016 stakeholders from the Energy Industry participated in the Government of Bermuda’s Second Annual Energy Summit titled, Powering Our Success.

    The Summit was opened by the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. E. Grant Gibbons, JP, MP.

  • Historically like other modern developed countries around the world, Bermuda has depended on fossil fuel for energy production for electricity, heating, cooling and transportation.

  • Annual Rental Value (ARV)
  • Bermuda is an ideal environment for business. It boasts excellent fiber optic connections, a talented service pool, a robust IT, legal and regulatory framework, and significant access to capital for investment and expansion.

  • The following is a list of initiatives that promote the safe use of technology, at home, at work, and school.