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Start here when launching a new business in Bermuda. From company registration and business development support to copyright and intellectual property laws and e-business programmes, and learn more about the government’s anti-money laundering program.

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  • Payroll Tax Amendments 2017 Example FAQS
  • What you need to know about Payroll Tax for 1 April 2017

    The Payroll Tax Amendment Act 2017 commences on 1 April 2017 and it changes the structure of payroll tax into two SEPARATE portions:

  • Here you will find information relating to the 2017/2018 Budget.

    Budget Press Conference Remarks

  • Who can register as an architect

    In order to qualify for registration as an architect, an applicant must:

  • The Registry General maintains the Register of Professional Engineers and publishes a list of the registered engineers in the Royal Gazette in January of each year.

  • The Registry General maintains the Register of Surveyors and publishes a list of the surveyors who are registered in the Royal Gazette in January of each year.

  • To:  All Corporate Service Providers – section 92B Companies Act 1981

  • Transparency OECD Common Reporting Standard is in effect from 2016, with 2017 reporting. OECD Country-by-Country Reporting has been adopted for 2016, with 2017 reporting.
  • On 29 June 29 2016 stakeholders from the Energy Industry participated in the Government of Bermuda’s Second Annual Energy Summit titled, Powering Our Success.

    The Summit was opened by the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. E. Grant Gibbons, JP, MP.

  • On this page you will find the fees for the Department of Immigration's permits and services. Click on a link below to go directly to the information you are looking for.


  • All  residents of Bermuda now enjoy the right to informational privacy, or the right to protect their personal information. Many countries recognize this as an important human right and have developed laws to protect individuals’ personal information.

  • Bermuda’s Government Agricultural Service Centre offers a variety of services and products to registered Bermudian farmers and fishermen.

  • There may be opportunities for your company to provide goods, services or works to the Government of Bermuda, either through a direct contract or by becoming a subcontractor. 

    View the list of Procurement Notices

  • To work in Bermuda, you must be Bermudian, married to a Bermudian, or be a Permanent Resident’s Certificate (PRC) holder. If you are not you must have a valid work permit.

  • If an employer intends to continue to employ a work permit holder in the same job beyond the expiry date of the current work permit, they must apply for a new permit.

  • If you hire a worker who is not a Bermudian or married to one, or someone who is not a Permanent Resident’s Certificate (PRC) holder, they will need a work permit to work in Bermuda.

  • Taxes and other expenses in Bermuda must be paid to the Account General, who receives payments for all of the following:

  • Everyone who works in Bermuda makes contributions to their pension fund. You can access your pension fund at the age of 65.

  • There are several steps you should follow in setting up a charity:

    1. Attend one of the How to Start a Charity seminars held by the Centre on Philanthropy.

  • If you provide products or perform services for the Government of Bermuda, you must submit your invoice or request for payment to the applicable department.  

  • Bermuda is an ideal environment for business. It boasts excellent fiber optic connections, a talented service pool, a robust IT, legal and regulatory framework, and significant access to capital for investment and expansion.