Bus fares

People over the age of five are required to pay to use public transportation.  Bermuda senior citizens with a special person’s card are free as well as children under the age of five.

You can use tickets, tokens, day passes, or cash to pay for public transportation.

How much does it cost to ride the bus or ferry?

Type Adult Fare Child Fare (5-16)
Cash (exact change/coins only) 3.50 (3 Zone)

5.00 (14 Zone)

2.75 (All Zones)
Tokens 2.75 (3 Zone)

4.50 (14 Zone)

Tickets (Booklet of 15) $25.00 (3 Zone)

$37.50 (14 Zone)

9.50 (All Zones)
1 Day Pass (All Zones) 19.00 9.50
2 Day Pass (All Zones) 31.50 16.00
3 Day Pass (All Zones) 44.00 22.00
4 Day Pass (All Zones) 48.50 24.50
7 Day Pass (All Zones) 62.00 31.00
Monthly Pass (All Zones) 69.00 N/A
3 Month Pass (All Zones) 169.00 N/A

Tickets, tokens and passes are available from the Hubert Winfield (Sparky) Lightbourne Central Bus Terminal on Washington Street in Hamilton. Tokens and passes are also available at the Ferry Terminal in Hamilton, the Visitors’ Information Centres, and many hotels and guest houses. If you pay cash, you must use exact change because the driver will not make change, and only coins are allowed.

Tickets, school passes and adult passes are available at many post offices. Tickets are sold in booklets of 15 only. Any sale or purchase of individual tickets is unlawful.

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